Wedding Photography: Old Thorns Hotel, Liphook – Laura & Ian

They met whilst studying at University but it wasn’t until 16 years later that they finally started on their journey to forever, together. Ian had planned the proposal beautifully, they were going to be returning to their University stomping ground in Cambridge and he wanted the moment to be perfect…the problem was that Laura was enjoying herself so much that Ian didn’t want to distract from her enjoyment!  After carrying the ring in his pocket all day, he finally found the right moment and Laura didn’t hesitate to say yes.  On a gorgeous day in March, we had the honour of documenting their fabulous wedding at Old Thorns Hotel in Liphook.

I was astonished to arrive in the morning and find Laura almost entirely ready and about to sit down with an INCREDIBLE buffet and a glass or two of champagne…I genuinely have never seen a bride so organised, so chilled and so unfazed by the general hubbub around her. We were equally astounded to find a very organised and well dressed bunch of chaps at the bar, amongst them was Ian…patiently waiting for the moment he could fix his eyes on his gorgeous wife to be.

In the hush of the moment when the doors of the ceremony room opened, I saw a flitter of nerves or perhaps emotion, on Ian’s face.  It also seemed that he almost visibly held his breath as he turned to see Laura being escorted down the aisle by the proudest Dad you’ve ever seen…and that was the moment that he beamed a mega watt smile at Laura and the nerves seemed to melt away.

After the ceremony, everyone poured out into the gorgeous March sunshine to enjoy drinks on the terrace.  A few group shots were taken amidst the sound of chinking glasses, laughter and well wishes and then we whizzed off on a golf buggy, with Laura and Ian, to capture a few creative images on the golf course. I adore this part of a wedding, it’s so great to see the happy couple just being together and soaking up the feeling of being newly-wed…and obviously from a photographic point of view, it’s wonderful to be able to work exclusively with my couples to create some really fabulous images for their album.

As they cuddled into one another on the dance floor for their first dance, I saw how Ian looked into Lauras eyes; how they intertwined their arms and how she whispered ‘I love you’ into his ear as the music began… theirs is sure to be a long and magical marriage.

Enjoy the images.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Photography: Old Thorns Hotel, Liphook – Laura & Ian

  1. I first met Abi and Geoff when I was bridesmaid for my best friend and I thought then, if I was ever lucky enough to get married i would love to have such lovely people photographing my wedding. So when ian proposed I knew I wanted him to meet Abi and he was in complete agreement that we had to have them photograph our day.
    For two people who hate having their photos taken Abi made us feel completely relaxed and it was like going for a walk with a good friend and we had some lovely photos of us both, a first! Abi was great leading up to the wedding and then on the day both Geoff and Abi were amazing. So many people of our guests said how great they were and they really were and seeing the photos again was like reliving the day, they were exactly what we wanted.
    So in short, THANK YOU SO MUCH Abi and Geoff for being part of our day and for capturing all the emotions from the day. Xx

  2. Oh Laura, what lovely words! Thank you so much! It has absolutely been our pleasure to get to know you both and to capture how great you are together on camera. Sending big hugs to you both. x