The reason I think I’m funny…

It’s been a long time since I posted a personal blog so I thought I’d end the drought and share a few pictures of George with you…

I’ve never thought of myself as being particularly entertaining…a little crazy, odd and plain silly? Yes! But funny? I’m not sure. I was never the class clown and have always been in awe of people that can captivate people with their funny stories and witty anecdotes. More recently though, I have been dabbling in the art of stand-up comedy and so far, the feedback has all been good…but then, George is only two years old. On a daily basis I find myself stomping around the house roaring like a dinosaur whilst he squeals with delight, at dinner time I’m quite frequently sticking my tongue out, crossing my eyes and telling silly stories which somehow encourages him to eat and finally, in an attempt to make him listen to my desperate pleas to tidy up, I attempt a bizarre French/German hybrid accent (which makes me sound like a crazy professor) which he thinks is beyond hilarious! In these few moments I’m the funniest person on the face of the earth and it feels amazing. When that little person is entirely caught up in a world of make believe and is giggling uncontrollably, you actually feel like you might burst with happiness… I can understand exactly why comedians do their job. The downside for me is that I’m not sure that my repertoire is currently quite up to entertaining anyone above the age of about two and a half so, until I have refined my performance, I shall refrain from trying out my material on my clients!!  (I heard that sigh of relief!) You’ll just have to make do with my usual chatty and slightly crazy approach!

Happy Monday to you all!


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6 thoughts on “The reason I think I’m funny…

    • Perhaps I don’t need my cross eyed/dodgy accent material after all!! Thanks Clare! x

  1. I seem to recall you cracked me up the other day – remember?? xxxx

  2. Well, I thought you were hilarious when you bombed my refelctive table/shoes ‘shot of the day’…with ‘Aspire’…no amount of Photoshop can repair… lol!! I’ll send the pic…love your website…inspiring me to do some work on mine!! Hope all is well with you & family,
    Craig 🙂 x

    • Oh Craig! I’m sorry! I obviously have deluded moments of thinking I’m hilarious… Note to self: Do not do that! I think I’ve got a classic photo bomb of you too too! 🙂 x