The Cole Portfolio Photography: Perfect Packaging

I receive so many lovely messages from clients who are delighted with their final images but one of the things that always makes me SUPER happy is when they tell me how much they love my packaging! It’s a funny little thing but I spend a great deal of time personalising my packaging and tying everything up beautifully so it’s SUPER lovely to know that it’s appreciated. It genuinely makes my day to see that someone has posted a picture of one of these little boxes in their Facebook feed saying how excited they were to receive it.

I spent a long time sourcing boxes and USB’s that perfectly fit my brand and I’m SO lucky to be able to call on the, incredibly talented, Clare at Tangerine Dreams Creative who beautifully (and painstakingly!) foil stamps every business card and box that I send out…along with personalising my letterheads and envelopes too. She is one super talented lady!

If you might like to receive one of these little gems in the post, with images of your loved ones inside, then I’d love to hear from you.  I’m now on maternity leave but I’ll be taking bookings for Lifestyle and Boudoir Photography from the end of January 2015 for sessions from April onwards.  If you would like to enquire regarding Wedding Photography for 2015, please feel free and I will respond as swiftly as I’m able.


The-Cole-Portfolio-Photography_Packaging_0003.jpg The-Cole-Portfolio-Photography_Packaging_0002.jpg Wedding_Photography_Packaging_The-Cole-Portfolio_0013.jpg

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