Boudoir Photography Hampshire – The Dream Team

It doesn’t matter how many times that I say Boudoir Photography is fantastic fun, I know plenty of women who are still too nervous to do it…even though they secretly want to!

Part of what makes people nervous is fear of the unknown so I figured that I’d share with you a little more about my creative dream team…that way you know who to expect on your doorstep!

I have known Kelly for over 5 years and Sarah for 3, our work has brought us together for numerous different reasons, styled shoots, boudoir photography and weddings to name a few….every time I work with them, I’m reminded of how great it is to spend time with people who make you laugh, who are passionate about what they do and who share your vision for something unique and beautiful.

Abi Cole - Hampshire Boudoir Photography

The key thing to remember is that our style of boudoir is light hearted and fun! I lean towards bright and beautiful images that are playful and capture the real you…so you can stop practising that pout!  Kelly and Sarah are more than happy to make suggestions to help you look your best or if you have a look in mind, feel free to bring some pictures and they’ll take it from there.

Kelly Tarrant - Boudoir Hair Design


We work as a trio because we know each other’s style, we admire each other’s work and because we’re friends!  All the whilst you’re being beautified by these two, I’ll make sure that you have plenty of tea/wine/champagne on hand…I’ll share some tips of the trade and  do my best to put you at ease. I’m confident that by the time your hair and make-up are done, you’ll have been nattering and giggling along with the rest of us and will be ready and raring to go!

Sarah Keenan - Boudoir Make Up


If you’d like to experience the nervous anticipation as you have your hair and make-up done, the excitement and liberation of feeling like a super model whilst you are photographed and feel your confidence soar when you receive your images….we’d love to hear from you!








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