Southampton Newborn Photography Hampshire: Anayah Zahra

What I love, looking back on this session, is that I was meant to be photographing Fatima’s bump! It’s funny now to think that we had scheduled a maternity session only to find that Anayah had other ideas!

Instead, a week or so later, I got to cuddle this young lady! I was made so very welcome by Fatima and Hassan and we chatted easily whilst drinking tea and cooing over the little lady. Admittedly, she was much more keen on the idea of feeding all day but that’s OK because I always make sure to allow plenty of time for that too!

Newborn sessions are always special to me…I think it’s because I’m always so touched by the love of parents for their new baby; I remember it so well myself. Every little noise and movement your baby makes just seem incredible and you can spend hours just staring at their little tiny fingernails and eyelashes. I find myself looking at them and thinking of the incredible journeys they have ahead of them, it’s incredibly life-affirming and inspiring.

So, back to Anayah…well…she was a treasure. There were no tears or uncertainty, she was warm and relaxed in the safety of home and the session went without a hitch. I carry out all my newborn sessions at their home as my clients love that they don’t have to leave the house and worry about what to pack or how the baby might behave. I bring everything with me and encourage the Mummys and Daddys to sit back and relax and leave everything to me and that’s just what these guys did.  My sessions aren’t about endlessly posing the baby, it’s about documenting the connection between parent and child.

I have been lucky to catch up with Fatima and Hassan twice since their session and both times lucked out by snuggling up with Anayah Zahra for cuddles. They are such a beautiful, kind, family and I feel so lucky to have spent such a special time with them.

I’ve popped a small selection of the images below…enjoy!






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