Maternity Photography, Southampton – Laura

When my little sister started secondary school I suddenly understood how my older sister must have felt when I started.  I’d look out for her between lessons, check in on her at lunch time and wait at the school gates to make sure she got on the right bus; I’ll admit it, I turned into a little mother hen.  Fortunately, for Olivia, she met Laura.  They were the spitting image of one another, they had the same hobbies, same likes and dislikes and they even wore their hair the same way…that’s true friendship.  My protective sister reign didn’t last for long as these two were not only inseparable but a force to be reckoned with!  They found a best friend in each other and I inherited a baby sister.

In my mind, Laura will always be 11 years old practicing her gym routine in our living room but the reality is that she is all grown up, married to one of the loveliest guys you could ever wish to meet and they are expecting their first baby in the summer….I’m feeling a little misty eyed and nostalgic…

As a surprise for Greg’s birthday, Laura asked me if I would photograph her bump and I’m so pleased that she did.  I know that she was a little anxious about all the usual girly things…lets face it, being pregnant doesn’t always make you feel very glamorous(!) but she tried everything I suggested, threw in a few ideas of her own (I was so impressed to find that she’d been Googling and had a little list of bump ideas) and more than anything else, she trusted me; what more could I ask for.

Laura, you look absolutely fantastic and I cannot wait to meet my nearly nephew!!







2 thoughts on “Maternity Photography, Southampton – Laura

  1. Abi you are a miracle worker! I honestly thought I’d be cringing at every picture, but I love them. Getting used to a new wobbly, funny shaped body was taking its time, but you’ve made me feel all confident and lovely – totally embracing it now thanks to you. It’s such a confidence booster. And for anybody thinking about it but a bit scared (like I definitely was) abi made me feel so relaxed I completely forgot I was stood at the window half naked 🙂

    Thanks abi xxx

  2. I’m so glad that you love your images! Celebrating your impending motherhood was an absolute pleasure…you are beautiful, never doubt it. x