Hampshire Boudoir Photography: Dani

Wow! Does this girl know how to rock a Boudoir session!  Bought as a gift session last year, Dani’s family not only knew she’d love the chance to get in front of the camera but also spent time decorating her bedroom for her – is she lucky or what?

Finally I’ve found a few minutes to pop these pictures online…I’ll let the images do the talking except for to say that bolstered with just a tiny glass of something bubbly, Dani gave the session her all and it was great fun!! It’s always refreshing to see someone who’s comfortable in their skin…and Dani has fabulously artistic skin!  Each tattoo on her body has sentimental meaning, every curve and line is part of a unique design that re-affirms who she is and what is important to her.

I loved this session…take a look…











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