Lizzie & Lewis – Victoria Country Park, Southampton

I love to watch the interaction between the couples we photograph, they way people naturally fall in step with one another, hold hands and mimic each others body language.  With these guys, I loved how they casually joked about public displays of affection but were, themselves, naturally loving towards one another.  It was in the subtle way Lizzie would put her hand on Lewis’ knee and giggle as she tucked her hair behind her ear and in the loving looks that Lewis gave Lizzie when she was busy laughing at something stupid I had said.  The fact that Lizzie openly admits that she ‘zones out’ when Lewis talks about his work and still can’t get her head around half of the stuff he has tried to teach her, she looks at him in adoration and the feelings are quite clearly mutual.

Having got engaged at Victoria Country Park, Lizzie suggested we head there to do their pre-wedding photo shoot and that was just fine by me!  The beautiful open space and sea front make such a wonderful backdrop and I quickly realised that these two would be a dream to photograph – strolling, chatting and snapping away in the afternoon sunshine, I was in my element.

These guys will be marrying at St. John’s Church, Hedge End and will be enjoying a reception at Steeple Court Manor in August of next year and I, for one, cannot wait!

Thank you, both, for such a lovely afternoon.  Happy planning!


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One thought on “Lizzie & Lewis – Victoria Country Park, Southampton

  1. Abi and Geoff,

    Thank you so much for giving us something so precious to keep and remember! We had a fantastic time on the shoot and you really made us feel very relaxed and comfortable. We can’t wait for you to photograph the wedding next year!
    Lots of love,
    Lizzie and Lewis xx