Portsmouth Newborn Photography, Hampshire: Hello Isobel!

This little family are always a joy to see, not just because they are so lovely to spend time with and photograph but because my journey with them began before they were a family!

Kate and Wes married just as my business was starting out…they took a chance on a newbie in the industry and I will always be grateful to them because of it; I will also be thankful that I have been there to document such important moments in their lives.

When I went to visit them for their most recent session (which I’m ashamed to say was in September of last year…I’ve very behind with my blogs!) I found myself entirely caught up with the magic and joy of the transition between being a family of three and a new family of four…I remember it so clearly! That little bubble of excitement and uncertaintly as you navigate newborn sleep deprivation and itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny-nappies alongside the slightly unsettled, completely fascinated and very loving older sibling…it can be a bit of a rollercoaster! On the plus side, these guys had it nailed…. William seemed entirely unphased by being a big brother and as ever, Kate and Wes were taking the new challenge in their stride. They made it look so easy that I left feeling broody…. as if my two aren’t quite enough!?!?!

Right, less of my chatter and more pictures, right?

Here you go.
Portsmouth_Newborn_Photography_Hampshire_0003.jpg Portsmouth_Newborn_Photography_Hampshire_0005.jpg

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