This time last year: An Amazing New York Wedding – Shadow Lawn, High Falls, NY

It’s hard to believe that a year ago yesterday Geoffers and I had waved good bye to our little fella and flown thousands of miles to see our fabulous friends, Gary and Kristen, marry in New York. Time really does fly! I was hoping to post this blog yesterday but time has just been running away with me lately!

This blog is WELL overdue but it seems fitting that on their (nearly!) anniversary, I should share pictures from this amazing day. I have to highlight in BIG LETTERS that we were not official photographers on this occasion, this was one of those magical times when we just got to sit back and enjoy the wedding from the sidelines…but I couldn’t very well not take ANY pictures!

Gary met Kristen, Kristen met Gary.  Gary lived in the UK and Kristen lived in the US. Some might say that the odds were against them but they proved everyone wrong and whilst oceans apart, they planned their amazing day.  Shadow Lawns is a seriously beautiful venue in High Falls, New York – in fact, this place literally took my breath away as did the gorgeous styling that Kristen put so much time and effort into.

The official photographers for the day were Chris and Adrienne Scott who, trust me, took some incredible images but have since stopped photographing weddings to focus on their other amazing photographic ventures like Simply Galleries and Preveal!

So here are some snapshots from two seriously awesome peoples seriously awesome wedding.  Since this time Kristen has joined Gary in the UK and they are in the middle of buying their first home together…and they seem ridiculously happy.  Is there a better sort of love story?


The Cole Portfolio Photography_0038.jpg
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