Happy New Year – Feeling Brave!

My lovely readers, may I take this moment to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year!

I am officially in a state of shock over how time is flying, especially as now that every day that passes brings me closer and closer to meeting the little bundle I have been carrying for the last 8 months!  There has been plenty of work going on but I will willingly admit that I was not prepared for how much we would need to do in preparation for a baby!  As such, we’ve had to take a well earned pause with the photography just to try and get ourselves organised!  My hope is that now that we are nearing D-Day and there is little more I can do other than wait (!!)  I can spend a leisurely amount of time getting some final photographic work done before the arrival of said tiny person.  The plan is to get our new website up and running ASAP though again, this has taken longer than expected due to my bumpage.  Once baby arrives, we shall be breaking for a couple of months to enjoy the highlights/traumas of new parenthood before undertaking our first wedding of the year in March…..then the ball will start rolling again as we have plenty of Pre-Wedding Shoots and Weddings already lined up!

We will, of course, still be taking bookings and responding to emails etc so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in us doing some photography for you.

In the meantime, I have decided to be brave and show you a few images that the Mr. took of my bump…this took a great deal of courage…there is a reason I lurk behind the camera after all!  It seemed like a small step to take bearing in mind that I have a lot more “being brave” to do over the next month or so!  The images were shot late in later afternoon light with me hiding behind a piece of voile material…you’ll have to trust that it made me feel a little more ‘covered’.

Thank you for your continued support and special thanks to those of you that have spread news of “The Cole Portfolio”.  We can’t believe how lucky we have been and we owe it all to you guys.

I’ll be back soon…dependant on baby’s arrival!  Until then…The Cole Portfolio

The Cole Portfolio - Maternity

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