Maternity & Newborn Photography, Southampton – Verity & James…and baby Odhran!

So much for my promise to blog more often in 2014!  We’re already over a week into the New Year and I’ve not managed to post a single one!  I had all these grand plans to do a ‘look back’ over the past 12 months but I’m afraid it’s still in the pipeline…I may yet get to it before the year is out….

Much has been in review throughout the winter months and there are lots of exciting projects coming up; with so many competitors in this industry, it’s impossible to stand still so I’ve been allowing my creativity free reign.  I’m looking forward to challenging myself with a new way of delivering images, I’m developing a new package format for weddings to ensure that my clients continue to get the very best and I’m looking forward to forging new friendships with suppliers and clients alike.

And now back to this blog!  I had the ultimate pleasure of photographing Verity and James when they celebrated their marriage last year.  I quickly discovered that they were both very lovely AND very photogenic so I was utterly delighted when they got in touch to say that they were expecting their first child.  Below you’ll find images from both their maternity session and their newborn session with baby Odhran (pronounced Oran…I had to get them to write it down for me!)

We started the maternity session by heading out for a little stroll in some nearby woods…not in the least bit put off by the fact that it had been raining hard and was unbelievably boggy, these two happily stood, sat and walked wherever I needed. True professionals!  Once we were happy we had the shots that we were after we headed back to the house to capture a few creative art images.  Returning to meet Odhran, I couldn’t help but smile at the moses basket, the nappy change paraphernalia and various items of teeny-tiny clothing all close at hand…I have such fond memories of that time in my life and this beautiful little family reminded me of the perfect magic of those first few weeks.  I’m feeling a bit broody, can you tell?

Thank you, all, for being the gorgeous family that you are and for inviting me back into your lives at such a magical time.

















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One thought on “Maternity & Newborn Photography, Southampton – Verity & James…and baby Odhran!

  1. Oh Abi these photos are just stunning! I love the combo of maternity/newborn just perfect imo! What talent you have and yes, I could spot a wee amount of broodiness but I dont think any Mum could have done what you did and not felt it! x