Hampshire Engagement Photography, Lauren & Dan

I had a soft spot for Lauren and Dan when they happened to mention how they met; it was almost a replica situation of how I met my husband! We had all headed to DIY stores for part-time work whilst studying and we all came away with our future spouses!

They tell me that the relationship was a bit of a slow burn that grew out of a firm friendship; and certainly when Lauren said she would go to lunch with Dan in he summer of 2012, she thought they were just catching up as friends…though Dan had rather decided he might like to see where things might lead!

Whilst Dan knew early on that she was the one for him, Lauren admits that it was more an accumulation of the little things that cemented in her mind that Dan was the guy for her. It wasn’t long and they were inseparable and in just a couple of years, they knew that forever was inevitable; Dan popped the question on a romantic weekend away in Italy. Lauren tells me that the proposal was truly amazing as Dan had packed all their favourite foods and whilst sharing a sunset picnic in Orange Gardens, overlooking all of Rome, he asked her to be his wife. I’m not gonna lie, that does sound pretty incredible. (High five to Dan for coming up with an awesome alternative engagement after his plans to propose at the Trevi Fountain were scuppered as it was shut!)

Spending the early evening with these two beauties was an absolute pleasure. We met earlier this week and took a stroll along the seafront and through Titchfield Haven…the weather was incredible and so was the chemistry between these two. For those that know me? I squeaked a lot.

In just a few weeks we’ll photograph the marriage of Dan and Lauren at Kingston Country Courtyard in Swanage….oh my gosh, I can’t wait!

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