Hampshire Boudoir Photography, Southampton: Relaxing At Home

Something a little different on the blog today!  I have been inundated with boudoir enquiries from ladies who love the idea of having a session but aren’t quite sure if they are brave enough.  Some take the leap and others decide that they aren’t quite ready.  When I heard from Lois, I knew we were going to get on like a house on fire and after her session I asked whether she would mind sharing her experience with you!  So, in her own words, here is the beautiful Lois talking about her experience…

Q: What inspired you to want to do a boudoir session?
A: The photos were an anniversary present for my boyfriend but ultimately I went looking for this as an experience for myself. I had very low self esteem and couldn’t see what made me attractive, but I really wanted to change that. I decided that throwing myself into this experience could be invaluable! The Cole Portfolio was the only company I approached as, after reading about Abi and seeing the relaxed style of her images, I knew it was just what I was looking for!Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0001.jpg

Q: Did you have any worries or concerns?
A: I have a very 
small chest and was worried I would struggle to look seductive! I wanted the images to look relaxed and natural, like I’d just happened to wake up looking fantastic! I also have quite bad acne scars and have always felt self conscious of them. I told Abi my concerns early on, she was really understanding and brilliant at assuring me they were nothing to worry about. Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0002.jpg

Q: How did you plan for the day?
A: I had to sneakily finish decorating our bedroom without my boyfriend asking questions! I bought some new underwear that I knew I’d feel sexy but comfortable in. Abi recommended I have some options for layers on hand too. I also did some searching on Pinterest to help me feel more comfortable about what to expect. Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0003.jpg

Q: How did you feel on the morning of the session?
A:I was extremely nervous, which I’m sure Abi and Kelly picked up on as soon as they walked through the door! But they greeted me with hugs and we immediately got chatting and I was soon feeling much calmer. Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0004.jpg

Q: Tell me about the session…
A:Having my hair done with Kelly was a good chance to relax and feel pampered. Abi sat with me and we chatted, a bit about the shoot but mostly just about life! It was brilliant and made me feel more like I was among friends. The shoot flew by, I had so much fun! It was helpful wearing the different layers, like my boyfriends shirt or cardigan, so I didn’t feel too exposed. We did a huge range of shots in different parts of the house. Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0007.jpg

Q: How did you feel afterwards?
 A: I didn’t want it to end! The way Abi directed me and was responding to the pictures as we went along made me feel really special. I loved every minute and just couldn’t wait to see the pictures! Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0005.jpg

Q: What about those concerns you had?
A: I never even thought of them during the shoot! Abi directed me brilliantly, understanding the natural, un-posed look I was after. Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0008.jpg

Q: What did you think of the pictures?
A: I absolutely love them and I can’t believe its me!! Its great having our own house in them and we used a few different rooms so there are a good variety. Abi had a great knack of making me smile and laugh and those are my favourite pictures. Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0006.jpg

Q: What did you partner this of the images?
A: He couldn’t believe I’d done it and thought they were amazing. We’ll be choosing a few for our bedroom wall, to remind us both what I achieved! Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0009.jpg

Q: Has the session changed you in any way?
A: The shoot made me feel much more confident straight away and it made me see what I do have that makes me attractive, as opposed to what I’ve always felt I’m lacking. Now I want to show everyone the photos!Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0010.jpg

Q: What would you say to someone who’s thinking of having a Boudoir session with Abi?
A: Do it!!! It can only make you feel brilliant about yourself. I believe Abi could make the quietest, most self conscious person feel fabulous & love every minute of it. 

Hampshire_Boudoir Photography_Southampton_0011.jpg

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