Getting into the Groove…

Wow!  This being a Mummy to two children is exhausting!  How does everyone else manage it whilst looking so ‘with it’?

I’m currently a mix of emotions…I go from elation to hysteria in minutes…those pesky hormones!!! I feel like my baby is getting all grown up already!  I appreciate that to the rest of the world a 4 week old is hardly grown up…but to me, all I can think is ‘WHERE HAVE THOSE FOUR WEEKS GONE!!!!! George has seemingly grown at least a foot in that time and I’m expecting him to announce that he’s got his driving licence and a job any day now.  It’s really quite horrifying!

I have, however, inched my way back towards the computer and am now getting my head back into work mode.  Wedding enquiries for both this year and next, are coming in thick and fast (so don’t delay if you’re thinking of getting in touch!) and needless to say, I’m ridiculously excited at the prospect of so many magical days at such amazing venues.

There’s lots in the pipeline for this year which, as soon as I get into the groove of things a little more, I’ll be able to update you with … just now there are lots of ideas floating around but I’ll need a few more hours sleep to pull them all together!

I’m not back in the saddle taking pictures until March but I’ll try and keep you updated with what’s going on in the meantime (mainly attempting to change nappies and dodge baby vomit like a ninja).

Oh, and just because every post is better with a picture, here is one of my babies…because, especially in these precious winter months, they really are the absolute centre of my world.

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One thought on “Getting into the Groove…

  1. You know I adore this photo of my two little darlings! Bit chilly to leave them lying around with not clothes though!! xxxxx