Family Photography Sussex, Littlehampton.

Well, as locations go, this one was pretty astounding. Miles of unspoilt beach and an enthusiastic and fun loving family to photograph – perfect!

I hope they won’t mind me saying but Heather and Kieran arrived at West Beach, near Littlehampton, looking a smidge apprehensive. They had been bought a voucher as a gift and freely admitted that they woudn’t ordinarily have planned such a session…I gently reassured them that I wouldn’t ask them to do anything too terrible (!) and that we’d simply walk and chat and let the children do all the work for us. Well…the children quickly took off down the boardwalk and left us in their wake! With the wind in our hair and the children running around collecting shells and looking for mermaid glass, I was in my element! The only problem was a) staying focussed on my job (I was having way too much fun!) and b) catching the children for two minutes to photograph them! We took advantage of both the deserted sand and the fabulous dunes and even managed a few shots of just Heather and Kieran – which is really quite something as the children are expert photo-bombers. 🙂

I was delighted when they informed me at the end of the session that not only were they not traumatised but that they’d actually quite enjoyed themselves. Phew!

I followed up the session by enjoying a fabulous fishy lunch with my family at the East Bach Cafe at Littlehampton…a great way to wrap up any beach trip. My 3 year old was so excited to be having lunch in a crocodiles tummy! (You’ll have to Google it to see what I mean!) If you’re ever in the area, you should really check it out.

Enjoy the pictures!

Family Photography Sussex_0001.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0002.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0003.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0004.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0005.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0006.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0007.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0008.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0009.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0011.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0012.jpg
Family Photography Sussex_0010.jpg

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