Family Photography, Southampton: The Cooper Family

I am shocked at how this year has flown and horrified at how out of the loop I’ve been with blogging.  I have had the BEST excuse in that I’ve been busy being a Mummy and moving house but also, lots of my work in the early part of this year has been Boudoir Photography and I’m not able to blog these sessions until the men that the images are intended for have seen them!

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from my first family session of the year; The Cooper Family.  I knew Laura at school when she was close friends with my little sister.  It was pure luck that I also had the pleasure of photographing her last year as she was Bridesmaid for the lovely Stephanie and Marc (you can see their wedding at the gorgeous Sandbanks Hotel, here).Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers01

On a lovely, sunny, Spring day we met at Victoria Country Park where we strolled and caught up on all that had gone on in the months since we last saw one another.  The biggest topic of conversation was Laura and Ed’s gorgeous son, Joshua who, whilst not in the most cheery of moods, wowed me with some gorgeous grins whilst being launched in the air!

Enjoy the pictures and if you think you might like a session for your family, I’d love to hear from you!

Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers02 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers03 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers04 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers05 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers06 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers07 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers08 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers09 Family_Photography_Hampshire_thecoopers10

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