Boudoir Photography, Southampton: A Pre-Wedding Treat

Last time I posted a Q&A session it went down a storm so I think this may be a new feature!

Lovely Bethan got in touch with me about having a Boudoir session for her husband-to-be. I knew I liked her from the start but it was when, in answer to one of my pre-session questions, she said ‘I tend to smile too much in pictures so I’m not very photogenic’ that I felt I’d found a fellow soul. Do you know what? That’s that’s me all over! Always grinning like a loon and then wondering afterwards why I don’t ‘temper’ my smile for pictures. BUT I love this in my clients and, having realised this, I’m also trying to be a little bit kinder to myself too…who doesn’t love someone that’s super smily?! 🙂

So, having confirmed dates and formulated a ‘plan’, Bethan told her fiance that she was working from home for the day and booted him out of the house telling him not to ask any questions. Genius!

Kelly got to work on Bethan’s hair whilst we chatted through how we like to work (whilst discussing all manner of other things along the way) and once our cuppa’s were drunk and Bethan was ready to go, we set about creating the gorgeous pictures you see below.Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0002.jpg

But first, a Q&A with Bethan…

1.      What inspired you to want to do a boudoir session?
My husband had mentioned not long after we met that he would love me to have a boudoir shoot done some day as he is a keen amateur photographer himself – and it just stuck in my head. So when we began to organise our own wedding it was an obvious choice for a surprise present.

2.      Did you have any worries or concerns?
I don’t like having my photograph taken as I always appear to have my eyes wide open or I’m blinking or pulling a silly face so I was really concerned that I wouldn’t like any of the photographs.

3.      How did you feel on the morning of the session?
I wasn’t sure what to expect at all and had never done anything like it before so I was a bit nervous and a little apprehensive about taking my clothes off to be photographed!!

4.      What happened at the session…
Abi arrived at my house I was immediately relaxed. She is such a friendly, bubbly person that there is no way you can feel nervous. Over a cup of tea, Abi completely put me at ease and explained how the session would work so I knew what to expect. Abi will help direct your poses as she knows what works best in front of the camera so you are not necessarily expected to come up with lots of ideas. All the poses you see in the edited pics are not necessarily the most comfortable or easy poses to get yourself into and I actually found myself laughing a lot and really enjoying myself during the shoot!Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0003.jpg

5.      How did you feel afterwards?
I was actually a little sad that it was over!  When Abi had gone I kept looking at my hair and make up in the mirror to check that it was me! I couldn’t wait to see how the photographs turned out!

6.      What about those concerns you may have had?
Didn’t give them a second thought!

7.      What did you think of the pictures?
I loved them and couldn’t wait to show my husband. It was really hard to keep it a secret until our wedding day!

8.      How and when did you present the images to your partner and what did he think?
My sister in law gave Matt the album on the morning of our wedding. In his own words he thought it was “Super hot! ” He loved the presentation of the album which I had chosen In one of our wedding colours and which Abi had designed.

9.      What would you say to someone who’s thinking of having a Boudoir session with The Cole Portfolio?
Do it … You won’t regret it! And your partner will love it too!
Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0005.jpg
Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0004.jpg
Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0006.jpg
Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0007.jpg
Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0008.jpg
Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0009.jpg
Hampshire_Boudoir_Photography_Southampton_The Cole Portfolio_0010.jpg

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