Avington Park Wedding Photography Winchester: Maxine & Kevin

Internet, this is Maxine and Kevin, the smiliest, happiness, most joyful couple I have ever photographed….honestly….they didn’t stop smiling all day; not once! I am pretty certain that I’m not the only person who left their big day with a skip in my step, beaming from ear to ear; their personalities are infectious like that. I remember being blown away by their ‘togetherness’ at our pre-wedding session but their wedding day just took the biscuit…I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually wept with joy as they met at the altar, they were literally giddy with happiness.

The day started with Maxine getting ready (with her best friend, and Bridesmaid, Anna) at Lainston House in Winchester which is a beautiful, tranquil, spot for relaxing bridal preparation …and Maxine picked a room with garden access which was perfect for drinking tea in the sunshine! Once ready, Maxine headed to their church, in Colden Common, where my right hand chap had been spending a little time with Kevin and his best man, Tony;  it was here that they tied the knot, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. As dedicated Scout leaders, it was especially wonderful that they left church to a Scouts Guard Of Honour and a ton of confetti!!! They continued their celebrations at Avington Park in Winchester which provided the perfect backdrop for their photographs and reception.

One of my absolute favourite things about this day was that Kevin and Maxine decided to have a sunset blessing by the river. Gathering everyone together, as the light softened, enabled them to include their evening guests in a little more of the magic from their day…it was so beautiful. I particularly loved that, following the blessing, the band struck up and the dancing started right there on the river bank! It was fabulous!

As we wrapped up our photography for the day, I was buzzing…I don’t think I could have stopped grinning if I tried! To have met so many kind and joyful people and to leave Avington Park by dancing my way out of the front door was a sure sign that it had been a corker of a day….and boy was it!!

Thank you to the following suppliers:

Sarah Bullen of Avington Park

Catering: Becka Cooper

Floristry: Imogen Carter at www.imogencarterflowers.co.uk

Make Up: Evie Skinner at www.madeup.co.uk

Hair Styling: Tori Fuller at www.riothairdressing.co.uk

Entertainment: www.greatscottband.com

The Brides Attire: Phase Eight Ella Rose dress

The Grooms Attire: Debenhams Suit Hire
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